Theon is a lifelong athlete and certified personal trainer through the National Association for Fitness Certification.  For the last seven years he has been a boxing instructor. He played basketball in college and prior to that was an amateur boxer. Theon brings his love of sports and all things fitness to every class. His enthusiasm, passion and all around “let’s do this” mantra makes his classes as fun as they are intense.View Schedule



Dante’ moved to sunny Southern California from South Jersey to pursue boxing 10 years ago. While driving to and from the boxing gym, he stopped in a cross fit gym in West Hollywood and quickly fell in love with functional fitness principles. Dante’ combined his 8 years of boxing, and his 4 years of cross fit knowledge to create a soul fulfilling passion in helping others in the area of fitness and well being. In 2016 he added yoga training to his repertoire of skills in an ever growing pursuit to better help his students. If you talk to his peers, one thing they will say about him is how truly genuine and consistently positive his attitude is, and how quickly that can impact not just your fitness life, but your daily life as well.View Schedule



Torrie, the only girl among six brothers, kicked off her sports addiction as a member on the boys’ baseball team at six years old. After playing soccer through high school, she discovered volleyball in college and went on to compete professionally for a year. Now a producer and editor, Torrie maintains her love of endorphins at after-hours in the gym, an avid weight lifter and self-proclaimed Glute Guru. She certainly *backs* it up. A firm believer that your body can accomplish more than you think it can, Torrie motivates to push people past their perceived limits, preferably with hip-hop playing in the background. View Schedule




Stacey is a certified personal trainer and long time professional dancer with over 13 years of experience. She’s a fitness enthusiast who brings her Australian charm and outgoing personality to the gym. But don’t be fooled, her classes are tough. They are high energy and positive. She prides herself on her precise technique used in her years of dance training. She focuses on pushing you to your limits both mentally and physically while being able to identify what those limits are. Stacey has literally traveled the world dancing from the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris to Moscow, Singapore, Dubai and beyond. She has performed on Australia’a version of So You Think You Can Dance as well as many internationally recognized commercials. View Schedule




Nnamdi grew up in the Bay Area and has playing sports his entire life. It’s no wonder he excelled at Basketball. Being 6 foot 7 and 260 pounds clearly gave him an advantage. He continued playing basketball at Cornell in the Ivy Leagues while pursuing his Bachelor of arts and masters. Nnamdi prefers to do his own workouts outdoors and brings a high intensity to all of his classes at Studio10. He loves the feeling of accomplishment and endorphins he gets from working out. View Schedule





Ashley was born and raised an athlete in New Jersey. A former competitive gymnast with 7+ years of teaching gymnastics and choreographing floor routines, she has since enjoyed exploring many different fitness avenues including her favorites: dance, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Crossfit. Ashley is an experienced group fitness instructor, having taught a variety of fitness methods including dance and trampoline cardio, cardio kickboxing, strength and weight training, TRX, and HIIT. She is also a NASM certified Personal Trainer and NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. An energetic, motivating individual and self-proclaimed “professional optimist,” Ashley is hugely passionate for all things health and fitness, and always aims to provide clients with a fun, educating, and challenging workout experience.

Front Desk



Emily is a Maine native, a Syracuse University graduate and a former New York City resident. She can usually be found hiding in the audience at comedy clubs, planning to one day soon bite the bullet and become the next comic sensation. If that doesn’t work, she just hopes to eventually trick someone into paying her to write for television. With a background in writing, marketing and advertising, Emily brings a unique skill set to Studio10. She has worked with multiple start-ups and rapidly growing companies refining their marketing, advertising and social media platforms. She has a gift of creativity and her ultimate goal is to one day write her own television show. Emily is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, bike, and ski in the winter.