“I had been working out with a personal trainer for the past six years and when I found Studio10, I was thrilled. For the cost of two sessions with my trainer, I can come as much as I please and get a great workout. The attention to form, detail, and the friendly staff have exceeded my expectations. They are not only welcoming and knowledgeable, but make the work out fun and the time flies by.”

John Hart, Hollywood, Ca

“For the last decade, I have taken a spin class almost everyday. Although I love it, sometimes I just need a change. Studio10 offers that variety while also guaranteeing a great workout and significant calorie burn. I now integrate Studio10 into my workout 1-2 times per week and never get bored with it.”

Abigail Kate, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve met great people and now have a workout buddy at Studio10. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I feel like I’m part of something positive. A community.”

Serena Mathison, Studio City, CA


“I’m a runner who can’t stand the gym. Running 50 plus miles a week is tough on my joints so I like that Studio10 offers me an alternative. Although it’s lower impact, it definitely kicks my ass.”

Jay Lee, Los Angeles, CA


“After a long business trip I was shocked when I came to workout and George noticed that I hadn’t been in class for a few weeks. These people not only care about your workout but also your well being.”

Vicky Hutton, Silver Lake, CA

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